Company Profile

Mission Statement

It is our focus to recognise the needs of property buyers and sellers and to deliver fair value in every transaction we become involved in. Our ability, skill and long-term commitment to the property industry enables Lyn Tayfield Properties CC to succeed in an extremely competitive environment. There is always place in the real estate market for a small, committed property sales team that offers personal service.

About Us

Lyn Tayfield
Lyn Tayfield has had 26 years of hands-on property sales experience, including six years as a shareholder / broker with the RMS Syfrets Group, before venturing on her own.

Lyn's past, varied experience before entering the property market included secretarial, sales, fund raising and the travel trade. She carries with her wonderful memories of her travel experiences and the privilege of working for American Express Travel. Lyn coninues to travel at every opportunity. Lyn has now retired and handed the company to her daughters Jane Tayfield & Sally Van Den Berg. Lyn has subsequently retired and handed to reigns over to Jane with Sally to assist her.

Jane Tayfield
Jane has worked with her mom, Lyn,since 1997 and has become an excellent negotiator and developed her own style and flair. She has a remarkable following of property buyers and sellers and firmly believes in being visible in the market place. Jane gained much experience in documentation and client liaison in the insurance field, prior to moving into the property industry. Jane has achieved her MPRE status in Real Estate and is the Principal of Lyn Tayfield Properties.

Wendy Van Wyk

Wendy re-joined Lyn Tayfield Properties in 2017 and has many years of property sales experience. Wendy has achieved her PPRE in real estate.

Sally Van Den Berg

Sally performs all administrative functions for Lyn Tayfield Properties. Sally has achieved her PPRE status in real estate and is studing towards her MPRE status in 2018.

Lyn Tayfield Properties CC looks forward to a long and happy future in the exciting world of property.